Tiffany (torchflame) wrote,


A picspam for Robbie and Georgia from "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging" using screencaps by wickedground. IMDB has a lame quotes page for the movie, so I just went by memory (and I have selective memory so I can only remember my favorite lines). Feel free to comment with additional Robbie and Georgia lines from the movie.

1. Boystalking
"Phwoar, they are sex gods!"

2. Angus
"Wicked guitar face."

3. Lido
"Giant cheesy puffs."

4. Bitch in Uniform
"I wrote a song about you."
"Yeah. It's called "Bitch in Uniform"."

5. Nutter
"Perfect for me."

6. Sex-God
"I don't care anymore about looking perfect, it's so overrated! I don't need a nose job or blond hair, cos my sex-god boyfriend likes me JUST the way I am!"
Tags: movie, picspam
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